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Metal RulzMetal Rulz started in Nov’2015 and is dedicated to ‘metalheads‘ all across the globe. It is a complete guide to HEAVY METAL music.

Metal MadnessIn Metal Rulz, we have encorporated :

Heavy Metal History & Family-Tree

Metal Genres, Sub-Genres & Fusion-Genres

Notable Metal Scenes

Musical Elements in Heavy Metal

Metal Bands & Artists

 Blogs / Articles on Heavy Metal

– The posts on this website is supplemented thru various photographs, illustrations, articles / blogs, references, audio and video clips.

Under News & Events section we cover :

Latest News in the Metal world

 Upcoming Tours & Festivals

 Metal Chart Toppers

 Latest Album Reviews

Upcoming Album Releases

 Heavy Metal Videos

Interviews column showcases :

New & Upcoming Metal bands and artists across the globe

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