Canterra (Germany)

CanterraDate : 30th September, 2016 // From the INTERVIEWS section of MetalRulz, today we are showcasing CANTERRA – a female fronted gothic metal band from Leipzig, Germany.

MetalRulz in conversation with Korinna König (Vocalist) of Canterra :

canterra_bandMetalRulz – Korinna, you and Harry formed a band Oleum way back in 2006, after lineup changes formed Avatar in 2009 and finally reformed to Canterra in 2011. Tell us more how this band was formed?

Canterra – Harry and I got connected on a local internet forum. He was searching for a singer and I took the chance to meet him. Very soon we recognized that we are able to write good songs together. So we decided to give it a try. That time the projects name was Oleum. But just a few weeks after I joined the group they split. Harry and I stayed together and formed the band Avatar. At the core Avatar is the same band like Canterra, but with a new name. We felt the need to change the name because it was not the ideal name.

With Canterra we feel like we finally found our band identity. During the past years we had to fight with the typical cast problems especially on drums. But from change to change things developed and got better and more stable. And right now we have a very cool Canterraniac Team.

MetalRulz – Introduce us to your current band members.

Canterra – First of all we have Harry, he is the main composer and plays the lead guitar. The second guitar is played by Hannes, he is the punk guy in the band. I don’t know if you recognized it already, but we have the most charming bass player in the whole metal scene in our band, who’s name is Tom. And we have our Max on drums, who is the most Canterraniac drummer of all drummers I ever met. And I sing and do the topline melodies. This is our Canterra family.

MetalRulz – Korinna, you are the vocalist of the band. As a child what kind of music did you grow up listening to and your childhood idols?

Canterra – I grew up with Kleine Nachtmusik von Mozart. And my father used to play this a lot of times for me. And he always sang old German goodnight songs for me. As a child I got my first music contacts from my parents and we went to the opera and the famous Gewandhaus in Leipzig. I loved this a lot, it was very exciting. But there was not just classic around me. My father is playing Posaune and they had a big record collection that contained different genres.

I remember my parents giving me really cool child records which I must have eaten, as they say. I knew them in and out and back and forth. But the pity was that I sang it all time, so sometimes I guess I was annoying peoples with that a bit. 🙂

When I look back I recognize that my Grandfathers were both singers from their heart. Maybe I got something of this love to vocals.

I can’t remember of any big childhood idols. I was always attracted by strong female voices, for example the ballad queens like Mariah, Whitney, Celine. When I was a teenager they had their very big time. I used to listen the famous “Kuschelrock” CD Compilations up and down and I knew every word.

MetalRulz – Canterra (as Avatar) released demo EP ‘Echoes Of Fear’ in 2010, Please take us through the making of the album …

Canterra – We were rehearsing and rehearsing, and we needed to try a first recording. We decided on the songs that should make it on a first recording and then we went in a studio for one weekend. This was the first studio experiences for nearly all of us. There was no production process at all. We just rehearsed and did it.

MetalRulz – Canterra’s first full length album ‘First Escape‘ was released earlier this year in February. The songs build a bridge between classic gothic rock and more complex metal pieces to delicate ballads. How did the sound of the band evolve during this period and your musical influences?

Canterra – During the production process, which we tried the first time for ‘First Escape’ the sound evolved a lot. Cause we did a preproduction and turned the songs around some times and cutted and changed things. One of the main new spices was that we tried to use samples for the first time. We asked Rico (Letzte Instanz) and Andy (Disillusion) for their advices and they helped us a lot to find the right effect for what we were searching for.

MetalRulz – Which record label signed Canterra on this album?

Canterra – We released the record on a local independent label named Kick The Flame. They are from Leipzig, as well as we.

MetalRulz – Videos of ‘Last Saviour‘ and ‘Come With Me’ have been getting decent views on YouTube. Any plans to come up with more official videos?

Canterra – Definitely! I hope that we can do a new one next year. But this will be a video to a very new song. But up to know it’s not fix. Right now, we are working on new material and if things work out good we might have a little release next year. We will see.

MetalRulz – The band has been active in various gigs and festivals in and around Germany. Tell us about your experiences as a live band and how has been the crowd reaction to your songs live?

roeseareCanterra – We are a live band to the core. It’s interesting to work in a studio but the stage is real, honest and pure life. That’s what music is for, you have to feel it and let it live. The crowd reaction on the supports of Xandria or the Lacrimosa tour was overwhelming. Especially because nearly nobody knew us before. On the Xandria support the crowd immediately connected and all hands were in the air. And the Lacrimosa tour was very cool and we will never forget this time, for sure. Many people supported us, visited us afterwards on the merch. And now we are looking forward to playing with Crematory in few weeks.

MetalRulz – How is the ‘Underground Metal’ scene at Germany?

Canterra – We have a huge metal scene in Germany. Besides the big and famous festivals, we gave a good concert culture. There are a lot of small clubs where you can always discover something. There are many little bands doing music from deep of their heart.

MetalRulz – What is the road ahead for Canterra …

Canterra – We are constantly writing new songs and try to evolve our sound. We hope that there will be a new release next year. The main thing is to try to start playing some good festivals and more good tours, which is not so easy to get in here.

MetalRulz – Our bloggers on MetalRulz would like to follow your band on social websites. Let us know the social websites where the band is active and as well as Canterra’s official website.

Canterra – Our most active channels are Facebook and our Official website.
Official Website :
Facebook :

Other social media channels are:
Instagram :
YouTube :
Reverbnation :
VK :

MetalRulz – It was a pleasure talking to you Korinna and wish Canterra all the best in the years ahead.