Company Of Dreams (Netherlands)

Company Of DreamsDate : 11th September, 2016 // From the INTERVIEWS section of MetalRulz, we are showcasing COMPANY OF DREAMS – a female fronted rock / metal band from Katwijk, The Netherlands.

MetalRulz in conversation with Ronald (Guitars) of Company Of Dreams (C.O.D) :

cod_2MetalRulz – C.O.D is best described as a band with influences from the rock but also from the metal scene. Can you tell us what exactly defines the sound of C.O.D.

C.O.D – It’s always hard to describe the music you play. At this moment I write all the songs for Company of Dreams and I must say that there are not really bands I think we sound like. Some songs are more metal and some more rock. For me personally the way Michael Wilton (Queensyche) plays is a huge influence for the sound of COD but do we sound like Queensryche? Haha I wish…

MetalRulz – Ronald you are the guitarist of the band. Who are the artists that inspired you to play the guitar?

C.O.D – I’m a huge fan of bands like Kamelot, Manowar, Queensryche and of course Iron Maiden – the way these bands plays inspired me a lot. But there is one band that made me pick up the guitar and that was a local death metal band called Cronus.

MetalRulz – How and when was this band formed? Introduce us to your current band members.

C.O.D – Deborah (Vocals) and I go a long way back but we never played before in a band together, at the beginning of 2014 we made the first plans to start a band. When we recorded ‘The Black Crow’ we asked Peter (Drums) to join us. I’ve played with Peter before in a band called Mental Sweat. Together we recorded ‘The Black Crow’ demo and soon after the release Jeroen (Guitar) and Ruth (Bass) joined Company Of Dreams.

the-black-crow-codMetalRulz – Ronald (ex-Detonator) and Deborah (ex-Support act) you both formed C.O.D … what binds you to this band !!

C.O.D – I think the thing that binds us is the passion for music and very important is friendship. Ruth and Jeroen we didn’t know but from the first moment we met each other we had a click and somehow it grows every week. I don’t think we are just band mates but also very good friends.

MetalRulz – Share with us the recording of your demo song ‘The Black Crow‘.

C.O.D – The first song I wrote for Company of Dreams was ‘The Black Crow‘. Albert (ex Detonator, ex Montany) did the drums and the rest was done by me. The Black Crow is everything COD stands for and still my favourite song

MetalRulz – Which other songs did the band record for ‘The Black Crow‘ demo?

C.O.D – We recorded 7 songs and 5 found their way to The Black Crow demo. The other two I wasn’t satisfied about the recording so we didn’t put them on the demo.

MetalRulz –The Black Crow‘ and ‘Shadow Of The Dark‘ have landed radio play on various radio stations …

C.O.D – It’s good to see the support we got so far from indie radio stations but also from websites like you guys. It feels good to hear that songs are played on the radio.

company_of_dreamsMetalRulz – Videos of demo version of ‘The Black Crow’, ‘Don’t Look Back’, ‘The Feeling‘, ‘Fly Away‘ and ‘Thunder and Lightning‘ have been getting decent views on YouTube. Any plans to come up with an official video?

C.O.D – At this moment we have no plans for a official video but maybe after the release of the EP we gonna choice one song for an official video.

MetalRulz – What is the road ahead for C.O.D and plans to record your first EP in near future?

C.O.D – At this moment we are working hard on the new songs and around February / March 2017, we gonna hit the studio to record our EP. Around the same time we gonna hit the stage and if things goes as planned we gonna play some cool festivals.

MetalRulz – Sounds great!! Our bloggers on MetalRulz would like to follow your band, let us know the social websites where the band is active.

C.O.D – First want to say a huge thanks for the support, keep up the good work and for those who want to follow us –
Facebook :
Twitter :
Instagram :
and for a free download of ‘The Black Crow‘ demo EP :

MetalRulz – It was a pleasure talking to you and wish Company Of Dreams all the best in the years ahead.