Evil Brain Taste (U.K.)

Evil Brain TasteDate : 27th July, 2016 // In our endeavor to promote new and upcoming bands, from the INTERVIEWS section, MetalRulz is showcasing EVIL BRAIN TASTE – a comedy-horror inspired zombie death metal band from U.K.

MetalRulz in conversation with Evil Brain Taste (EBT) :

EBT-3341_2MetalRulz – These statuesque figures of ghoulish decay have one obsession – to convert your brains into pungent, festering stews of death metal. Featuring tortured vocals, double bass drum pummelling and some of the catchiest riffs to grace your speakers … tell us more about the band’s obsession with the zombies.

EBT – It’s not that we’re obsessed with zombies- we ARE zombies. Check the pictures.

MetalRulz – Since you all are into comedy-horror inspired zombie death metal. Tell us about the musical influences and the bands that have inspired/shaped EBT’s music?

EBT – No bands have inspired Evil Brain Taste. Each song is a unique and original creation with it’s own artistic vision.

MetalRulz – How and when was this band formed? Your band is a quartet. Introduce us to your band members …

EBT – EBT spontaneously formed to answer a growing need for zombie death metal in the community. Our members comprise of Bone – vocals, Stench – guitars, Chot – bass and Legg – drums.

MetalRulz – EBT released their demo titled ‘EBT’ in 2014 and released their debut album ‘Dead Dead Bad‘ in April 2015. The album displays chainsaw like flesh ripping riffs, blasphemic blasts, a thick bass backbone and visceral throat shredding vocals. Please take us through the making of the album …

cover7-frontEBT – The album was really hard to record. Think you could record an album? You probably couldn’t. You have to actually play all the notes right. We didn’t enjoy it one bit, and we think that comes across in the recording.

MetalRulz – Which record label signed EBT for this album?

EBT – There is no label qualified to put out a release as important as ‘Dead Dead Bad‘, so we released it ourselves. You can get it on itunes, bandcamp, spotify, and a bunch of other almost-identical distribution platforms.

MetalRulz – Videos of ‘Zombies Ate My Brains’, ‘The Taste Of Evil Brains’, and ‘Zombies‘ have been getting good views on YouTube. Just like the songs, the videos also project zombies, zombies and more zombies, along with nuclear explosions and chemical warfare. Any insight on the making of these videos!!

EBT – Zombies Ate My Brains’ is taken from our 3-track demo, the video is a homemade in-your-face introduction to the EBT style. ‘The Taste Of Evil Brains’ from the album shows the band playing and relaxing in state at their grand, decaying mansion. ‘Zombies’, another album cut, is truly bizarre – a phenomenon.

MetalRulz – What is the road ahead for EBT and any plans to come up with a new album in near future?

EBT – We’re currently writing a new EP, hopefully to be recorded this year. It’s the best material we’ve come up with yet and we’re really excited. Heavier, catchier, evolving whilst steadfastedly refusing to mature.

MetalRulz – The band has been playing at gigs all along. How has been the crowd reaction to your songs live?

EBT – Crowd reactions will often include vomiting and prolapses due to the heaviness of the music and the intense combined charisma of the band members.

MetalRulz – Our bloggers on MetalRulz would like to follow your band on social websites. Let us know the social websites where you are active and as well as your official website.

EBT – Our official website is www.evilbraintaste.com

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