Ragestation (Australia)

RagestationDate : 02nd July, 2016 // From the INTERVIEWS section, MetalRulz comes up with their second interview of the season. Today we are showcasing a dark alternative metal band RAGESTATION from Australia.

MetalRulz in conversation with James (songwriter, vocals/guitar) of Ragestation :

Ragestation logoMetalRulz – Ragestation explores darkness in music, drawing inspiration from gothic music & literature, horror soundtracks & dark ambience rock/metal. Tell us more about your obsession with the darker side of life.

Ragestation – Ever since childhood I have been fascinated by the dark side of life & human nature. The original gothic writings of Poe & Lovecraft, the supernatural realm, aberrant psychology & horror movies are all early obsessions that remain a constant fascination. There are so many interesting subjects on the dark side & these topics are well suited to the musical themes in Ragestation. Minor keys & half step progressions seem to welcome dark, moody introspection & invention. Insanity, death, depression and fear are all recurring themes. To my mind the lighter side of life is catered to in pop & related music. Metal/Gothic Rock has always dealt with the darker aspects of life & we follow this tradition.

MetalRulz – James, you are the songwriter and do vocal duties for the band. As a child what kind of music did you grow up listening to and your childhood idols?

Ragestation – There are so many but the most direct influences on Ragestation are; Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Alice in Chains, Type O Negative, Fields of the Nephlim, Anathema, Tiamat, Therion. All of Mike Patton & Corey Taylors bands. The big 4 of thrash, Therapy?, Dimmu Borgir, Machine Head & NIN. Some obscure, dark & strange Australian bands those are now defunct & largely unknown. Also film composers such as Ennio Morricone, John Carpenter, Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Herrmann, Lalo Schiffrin. There would be many I have missed…

MetalRulz – Ragestation was formed in 2015 and released ‘These Eyes’, their debut album in March 2015. The album combines elements of gothic horror & rock, doom metal & haunting ambience. Please take us through the making of the album …

Ragestation – The main intention with These Eyes was to establish our sound combining aspects of dark ambience, doom metal, gothic & progressive rock. Recording was completed quite quickly in order to get our debut product released. The songs were the first we played together & as such were well rehearsed & went down very smoothly. The recording sessions were great. All songs were multi tracked. We used Tama drums, Marshall & Line6 amps. Gibson & Kramer guitars. The bass is direct input. Synth is Roland analog. Vocals were recorded with Neumann mics & Avalon preamps for analog warmth while maintaining digital quality. If we had the chance to do it again we would not change a thing.

MetalRulz – Ragestation pushed the boundaries of gothic horror, rock & metal with their second release ‘God Fear‘ released in October 2015. How different/similar was ‘God Fear’ from ‘These Eyes’ album?

Ragestation – God Fear is intentionally identical to These Eyes in format, a mix of dark ambience & progressive/dark metal. An ambient piece sets the tone for the release followed by a Heavy track about insanity. Dark ballads – Carousel & Broken Wheel are the first two songs in a trilogy about depression. These Eyes & Solitary (incl. alternate versions) conclude both releases in dark ambient style. Not only do both releases follow this format, the song styles are also in the same order. They are companion pieces in every way.

MetalRulz – Which record label signed Ragestation on these two albums?

Ragestation – They were recorded independently.

MetalRulz – Videos of ‘1000 Lies’, ‘These Eyes’, ‘Carousel’ and ‘Cellardrone‘ have been getting good views on YouTube. Just like the songs, the videos also project dark surreal imagery and haunting sounds. Any insight on the making of these videos!!

Ragestation – The videos are very time consuming with some of them taking up to 3 months to plan, arrange & edit. They are approached with a perfectionist mindset. The video must illustrate and visualize the essence of the song in every detail & be original & different  to all other music videos. If a video has been uploaded to YouTube you can be sure it has been painstakingly conceived, edited & produced for a significant amount of time. The focus is on dark, surreal & interesting visuals. We had to produce a censored version of These Eyes & God Fear videos when the first versions were removed from YouTube (although the uncensored versions will be included on the new release). We produce a video for every song as the visual aspect of the music is a major part of Ragestation.

MetalRulz – Ragestation’s new video album ‘The Dark Alternative’ is due to be released sometime this year. What can we expect from this release?

Ragestation – The upcoming release The Dark Alternative is a collection of all our videos, alternate & uncensored versions. Also new & unreleased tracks including Deadalive the final song in the Carousel trilogy. We are very proud of it and looking forward to the release in August.

MetalRulz – What is the road ahead for Ragestation and how do you plan to reach out to people outside Australia?

Ragestation – The focus now is on writing, recording & releasing new material & video production for all new songs. The internet is basically our avenue to reach people on a global scale. We network & promote a lot. The main plan is for a European tour & eventual relocation to Western Europe although this will require some planning.

MetalRulz – Our bloggers on MetalRulz would like to follow your band on social websites. Let us know the social websites where you are active and your blog address.

Ragestation – At present the only social media we use is Google+ although we will be pursuing a presence at other sites in the near future. Our official site is at Bandcamp : https://ragestation.bandcamp.com/

Fans can speak directly with us at +Ragestation : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Ragestation/posts/p/pub or Email : [email protected] We welcome communication with those interested in our music & will reply to any & all queries & correspondence.



‘These Eyes’ release – https://ragestation.bandcamp.com/album/these-eyes-digital-release

‘God Fear’ release – https://ragestation.bandcamp.com/album/god-fear-digital-release