Stealth (Italy)

StealthDate : 03rd February, 2017 // From the INTERVIEWS section of MetalRulz, we are showcasing STEALTH – a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Corridonia, Marche, Italy.

MetalRulz in conversation with Ivan Lattanzi (Lead Vocals, Guitar) of Stealth :

MetalRulz – Ivan, you and Daniele Gorbini formed a band Metal Militia way back in 1997 and after lineup changes formed Stealth in 2000. Tell us more about the formation of this band?

Stealth – Just after me and Daniele formed the first line up of Metal Militia during spring 1997, Lorenzo Pimpini (guitars) and Roberto Rastelli (drums) joined us at the beginning of the following year. This has been the line up until summer 2000. We changed name into Stealth during spring 2000 while the original line up was still in place. We commonly agreed to change name because at that time we felt like we were to closely associated with Metallica and even though we were at that time performing few Metallica songs, we already released 2 EPs of our own music. So we changed into Stealth to avoid people thinking we were just a cover band.

MetalRulz – Introduce us to your current band members.

Stealth – ¾ of current members are from the original line up. Lorenzo Pimpini, that is our main guitarist and occasionally keyboarder. Daniele Gorbini is the bass player and the 2nd voice. Me, I’m the vocalist and 2nd guitar. I also play guitar synth and set up the background grooves that we use during lives. New entry is Michele Cipolletta who recently joined the band as our new drummer.

MetalRulz – Ivan, you are the lead vocalist & guitarist of the band. What kind of music did you grow up listening to and the artists who inspired you to play the guitar?

Stealth – I grew up listening to mainly metal, from thrash old school to classic power style, to industrial, nu metal and death. My prefers are Iron Maiden and Metallica (both until early 90s) Pantera, Sepultura, Fear Factory and Machine Head. Surely all the guitarists in these bands inspired me to become a guitarist my self.

MetalRulz – Stealth has released 2 EPs, ‘Mind Is Blind‘ (1998) and ‘Existence‘ (2000), in Metal Militia times. The band’s first full-length album, self-titled ‘Stealth‘ was released in 2001. Please take us through the making of this album …

Stealth – 7 out of 11 songs of ‘Stealth’ album were already been released on the 2 previous EPs and have been recorded again to be included on our first album. The remaining 4 songs have been written between November 2000 and February 2001. The style of this album is eclectic; it goes from the original thrash metal we used to play at the beginning to a nu metal style we started approaching during 2000. The album was recorded and mixed in just 10 days as we couldn’t afford to rent the studio for longer. We spent more than 10 hours a day recording no stop. It’s been very challenging if you consider that was our first time in a professional studio, but in the end it worth it.

MetalRulz –Check This Out !‘ was the band’s second studio album, released in 2004, besides releasing a live album ‘Alive For The Live‘ in 2010. How was the band’s journey amidst lineup changes during this phase?

Stealth – It’s been a tough one. Lorenzo left the band during the first album tour in 2002 until 2009 when he came back for good. During those 7 years we had 2 other guitarists playing with us. At the same time we also changed 2 drummers. The biggest effect on the band has been on the way we wrote our music; from being a join process we used to share all together, it became mainly me and Daniele responsibility. Of course the other members gave their contribution but the major part of the composing work has been done by the two of us. Luckily our live performances haven’t been affected negatively as we always found musicians that we really played well together with.

MetalRulz – In February 2014, Stealth released their third studio album ‘Fight For Your Faith‘, which offers a mixture of heavy metal, progressive metal and hard rock with heavy riffs and brutal vocal line. How did the sound of the band evolve during this period?

Stealth – Surely with ‘Fight For Your Faith’ we arrived at I think a very good level of maturity in the sound of the band. Switching from E to B tuning really gave us the kind of feeling we were looking for the sound. We’ll definitively keep it for a while but at the same time we’ll keep pushing us searching for better sound and new way of composing. Also we found in Simone Cicconi a brilliant and innovative producer that helped us a lot in taking this further step towards sound improvement.

MetalRulz – Artwork of ‘Fight For Your Faith‘ pays a tribute to an old C.O.D. cover. Your views …

Stealth – I have to say the idea came from our label. They came to us with a few war themed artwork suggestions and we chose that one. Lorenzo and Daniele both like to spend time playing strategy war video games so I think this played a major role in the decision making. Personally I really like the concept of the artwork and I think that it really represents the album theme.

MetalRulz – Which record label signed Stealth on these albums?

Stealth – The first 3 band works, 2 EPs and 1 CD, were completely self produced. ‘Check This Out !’ has been co-produced by us and our label at that time ‘Consorzio ZdB’. ‘Alive For The Live’, our official live bootleg album recorded in Kiev in 2010, has been distributed by Venus Dischi/CPSR. ‘Fight For Your Faith’ is actually digitally distributed by Sliptrick Records. Recently we reached an agreement with a London based label called NMTCG for the digital distribution of the whole back discography of the band (except for the latest album).

MetalRulz – Video of ‘7 Hours Under Fire‘, a war-themed track from your last album has been getting decent views on YouTube. Any insight on the making of this video!!

Stealth – The video is made of 2 parts; the part where we are playing has been recorded in our studio. We had just 1 camera so we had to record the performance 5 times every time from a different angle. The other part of the video, featuring soldiers at war, has been made by using docs coming directly from a website linked to the U.S. DOD.

The editing has been made by Ays Kura, who’s also the owner of the label NMTCG who really made a great job.

MetalRulz – The band has been active in various gigs and festivals in Europe. Tell us about your experiences as a live band and how has been the crowd reaction to your songs live?

Stealth – We toured several countries in Europe. Best experiences have been for me in Croatia, Latvia, Switzerland and Ukraine. People vibes and reactions were always very positive. It was amazing and we can’t wait to have the possibility to play there again. Also I would mention the tens of gigs that we played in Italy; we have a lot of friends and fans there that came to support us.

MetalRulz – How is the ‘Underground Metal‘ scene at Italy?

Stealth – At the present the majority of metal bands are formed by people of our age which means more or less they have been formed during the 90s. There are much less younger bands and that’s probably due to many different reasons. First of all probably the fact that big international metal bands are all from the 70s/80s, so there hasn’t been new generations taking over.

Probably it’s more difficult for a teenager today to form a band and find venues where to play and get known to the public. Until 10 years ago there were much more chances to play live in pubs, festivals an so on that not today.

MetalRulz – What is the road ahead for Stealth … plans to come up with a new album in the near future.

Stealth – We’re working on new material and we’re quite ready to record it. We don’t know if there will be a single, an EP or an album but we should be ready to release something new in between the end of this year and the beginning of 2018. We’re also working at a remix version of the latest album that will be ready soon. About lives we’ll play in London next April at the Renaissance Alternative Music Festival on the 23rd and another date is to be confirmed soon. We’re recording some of the gigs that we’re playing and probably we’ll be ready to release another live album by the end of this year.

MetalRulz – Our bloggers on MetalRulz would like to follow your band on social sites and channels. Let us know the social websites where the band is active and as well as the band’s official website.

Stealth – Thanks for the interview and big hello to you and all your readers.

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MetalRulz – It was a pleasure talking to you Ivan and wish Stealth all the best in the years ahead.