Terraform (U.K.)

TerraformDate : 21st July, 2016 // From the INTERVIEWS section, MetalRulz showcases a Birmingham, U.K. based progressive metal quintet TERRAFORM. They have just released their new EP ‘Adrift’ on 15th July 2016.

MetalRulz in conversation with Terraform :

Terraform PromoMetalRulz – Formed in autumn 2013, Terraform fuse together both angry, aggressive groove works with ambient, melodic clean guitars. Loosely labeled as Progressive Metal, the band has a wide range in their caliber of music, from low tuned patterns and epic driven singing choruses. Guide us through the band’s evolution over the years.

Terraform – We’re from Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The band features former members of Memories, Wolvexhyx and I, The Writer.

MetalRulz – Tell us more about the musical influences and the bands that have inspired/shaped Terraform’s music.

Terraform – We’ve always been influenced by other bands in our genre. Obvious influences are bands like Periphery, Tesseract, Monuments; but as musicians we draw on influence and inspiration across pop, mainstream rock and jazz.

MetalRulz – The band is a quintet. Introduce us to your current band members …

Terraform – Zach Edwards – Drums, Joe Powell – Guitar, Guy Alexander – Guitar, Mitch Gibbons – Bass & Mitch Richards – Vocals.

MetalRulz – The band’s debut album ‘Dream/Construct” was released in March’14, followed by ‘Zenith’ in December’15. How were these albums received?

Terraform – We didn’t release either of these records. There is a band in the USA called Terraform – not sure how either of these releases were received by the band, but we’ve listened to them and thought they were pretty good.

Terraform - Adrift (Artwork)

Adrifttrack-listing : Breach / Atonement / Imaginations / The Seraphim / Echelon

MetalRulz – Coming to your latest EP ‘Adrift’, what can we expect from this release?

Terraform – Heavy riffs, soaring melodic vocals and unusual song section changes.

MetalRulz – Which record label has signed Terraform for ‘Adrift’ album?

Terraform – It’s a self release.

MetalRulz –Atonement’ a single from your latest album has been getting good views on YouTube. The song features amazing clean vocals which is quite rare in a prog-metal band. Is this a diverse sound that has arrived from the new line-up.

Terraform – Yes it is.

MetalRulz – The video for single release ‘Paradox’ has gathered over 200,000 views on YouTube, Share your experience on the making of this video!!

Terraform – We are still so surprised and thankful for the recognition and support the Metal community has shown towards Paradox; it was a great video to shoot, so much so that we reunited with Zak Pinchin to record the video for Atonement earlier this year.

MetalRulz – In the past Terraform has played at UK festivals such as Hevy and UK Tech Metal Fest and have even supported the likes of Soilwork and Heart Of A Coward. What is the road ahead for Terraform and how do you plan to promote your new EP.

Terraform – We were fortunate enough to be added as a last minute edition to UK Tech Fest this year; which was a huge show for us. We’ll be touring the UK in August and September and plan to go out at the end of October too.

MetalRulz – Our followers on MetalRulz would like to follow your band on social websites. Let us know the social website addresses of the band.

Terraform – Fans can connect with us on Facebook : www.facebook.com/terraformuk/ and on YouTube : www.youtube.com/user/terraformuk