Supreme Rock Goddesses-I

Supreme Rock Goddesses-I

Supreme Rock Goddesses 1Rock and Metal used to be a boys’ club, but as music continues to evolve, the role of female musicians has greatly increased within the genres. In the present day, women either front or perform in some of mainstream music and underground music’s most celebrated Hard Rock and Metal bands, so we decided to pay tribute to the very best active female musicians around today. Take a look at the Supreme Rock Goddesses 1 in the gallery below!

Many women in Rock and Metal garner massive amounts of attention due to their physical appearance, but what about true talent? From singing to screaming to instrumental prowess, this is our comprehensive list of the women making the most (and best) noise in the world’s loudest genres.

Lzzy Hale (Halestorm)

Lzzy HaleHalestorm have come a long way as one of rock’s leading torch bearers. Frontwoman Lzzy Hale began writing original music with her drummer brother Arejay since she was 13 years old, and the year later, Halestorm was born. On all of Halestorm’s full-length studio albums, Lzzy delivers a poppy-yet-hard rock style both on vocals and guitar. Her leading presence in the track “Love Bites (So Do I)” helped cement a 2013 Grammy win for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance. Fierce yet beautiful, Lzzy accomplished a great deal before even leaving her twenties in 2013 and she has firmly planted herself among the most supreme rock goddesses.

Maria Brink (In This Moment)

Maria BrinkIn This Moment singer Maria Brink has become one of modern metal’s most popular females. It’s easy to see why Brink is beloved just by looking at her, but to In This Moment fans, Brink is much more than just a stunning beauty. Perhaps the frontwoman’s most notable talent is her ability to augment and diminish a lyrical pitch. Brink shoots up and down while screaming on tracks such as “The Gun Show” and “Blood,” creating large bends midway through her lines. Brink also possesses the voice of a pop star, which she also integrates into both light and heavy In This Moment cuts.

Amy Lee (Evanescence)

Amy LeeEvanescence‘s Amy Lee has become an idol for countless hopeful female singers, songwriters and pianists worldwide. The American songstress became rock’s most influential female with the release of Evanescence’s breakthrough album ‘Fallen’ in 2003. Her performances on “Bring Me to Life,” “My Immortal,” “Call Me When You’re Sober” and more hits have kept her in the limelight for a decade, with her gothic beauty and unmistakable talent rallying up a cult fan base rivaling almost any active musician today.

Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless)

Taylor MomsenAfter a very successful acting career, Taylor Momsen chose to leave it all behind and focus on music. Momsen formed The Pretty Reckless in 2009, and the band has since released two EPs and two full-length efforts, with their latest disc, ‘Going to Hell,’ scoring a number of top rock hits. Momsen takes a straight-up rock approach to her singing, avoiding the high-pitched bubblegum crooning of today’s pop stars. The frontwoman is also no stranger to provocative performances, releasing racy videos and exploring overtly sexual themes onstage. Momsen is also a hard-touring musician, starting off in a van and spending a ton of time on the road to bring her music to fans worldwide.

Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil)

Lacuna CoilItaly’s Lacuna Coil combines heavy metal, alternative music and gothic rock into a very unique sound, with Cristina Scabbia leading the charge as the co-singer of the band. Her voice helps make this band so unique as it intertwines with her male partner-in-crime Andrea Ferro’s gruff vocals to bring an intriguing dynamic to the music. It can be thought of in context of death metal and metalcore bands where the singer alternates between good cop/bad cop vocals, but here Lacuna Coil focus on the greatest quality with this dynamic. Scabbia’s voice brings a calmer, more ethereal mood to the music to bring the listener at ease before the more aggressive aspects come into play.

Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation)

Sharon den AdelWithin Temptation singer Sharon den Adel was named Rock Goddess of the Year twice in the annual Loudwire Music Awards. It’s easy to understand why: Sharon’s voice is breathtaking and she’s an incredibly strong songwriter. The Dutch songstress has played in bands since the age of 14, racking up 25 years of experience. Possessing a mezzo-soprano range, Sharon den Adel sounds like a classically trained singer, but she’s actually mostly self-taught. Her epic and soothing voice came from practicing three of four hours per day, proving that practice really does make perfect.

Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy)

Alissa White-GluzHaving fronted the Agonist, Alissa White-Gluz recently took over as the lead vocalist of Arch Enemy in 2014 following the departure of fellow supreme rock goddess Angela Gossow. Alissa has a wide ranging voice that ranges from intense guttural screams to clean singing. To give you an idea of how diverse her abilities are, she helped to fill in for a sick Nightwish singer Annete Olzon for one show in 2012.

Angela Gossow (ex Arch Enemy)

LONDON - AUGUST 9: Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy performs on stage at the Kerrang! Day Of Rock at the Virgin Megastore, Oxford Street on August 10, 2006 in London, England. (Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)

When Arch Enemy welcomed German export Angela Gossow to the fold, the band’s popularity skyrocketed. Call it coincidence, call it fate, but Angela’s savage vocal delivery, which is reminiscent of Carcass’ Jeff Walker, brought an unholy union to the band featuring Carcass axeman Michael Amott. While some attribute Arch Enemy’s sudden burst of success to Angela’s deadly good looks, those who know the music know better than that. The melodic death metal group was given an extra edge with Gossow’s voice and menacing stage presence. She left the band on her own terms in 2014, but maintains an active role in the band as their manager.

Lacey Sturm (ex Flyleaf)

Lacey SturmBest known for her decade-long tenure in Flyleaf, Lacey Sturm has delivered unforgettable hits like “I’m So Sick” and “Again.” It came time for her to leave the popular act following the birth of her first son and the death of one of Flyleaf’s sound engineers. Sturm came back to music in 2016 with her first solo album, ‘Life Screams.’

Mixi (Stitched Up Heart)

MixiStitched Up Heart generated considerable buzz before the release of their debut record, ‘Never Alone.’ Punchy and anthemic, singer Mixi leads the hard rock cavalry with a sense of innocence, especially in the multi-tracked vocal spots, while her intense screams offer up a different facet of her voice.

Tarja Turunen (ex Nightwish)

Tarja TurunenOperatic singer Tarja Turunen is best known for her nearly decade-long tenure as the voice of symphonic Finnish power metal band Nightwish. What’s most impressive about her is that before joining the band, she was never into heavy metal. The band approached her because they knew she was a good singer. Apparently, “good” is a word to describe Tarja’s world-class talents, but a thesaurus will lead you elsewhere. Nightwish helped pave the way for what would become a wave of female-fronted, operatic symphonic power metal, with Tarja at the helm of it all. Unfortunately, she was fired from Nightwish via an open letter. Since then, Tarja has embarked on a successful solo career.

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