Supreme Rock Goddesses-III

Supreme Rock Goddesses-III

Supreme Rock Goddesses 3Rock and Metal used to be a boys’ club, but as music continues to evolve, the role of female musicians has greatly increased within the genres. In the present day, women either front or perform in some of mainstream music and underground music’s most celebrated Hard Rock and Metal bands, so we decided to pay tribute to the very best active female musicians around today. Take a look at the Supreme Rock Goddesses 3 in the gallery below!

Many women in Rock and Metal garner massive amounts of attention due to their physical appearance, but what about true talent? From singing to screaming to instrumental prowess, this is our comprehensive list of the women making the most (and best) noise in the world’s loudest genres.


GirlschoolGirlschool, the hard-partying all-female metal outfit from England has been at it for almost four decades. They were one of the late Lemmy Kilmister’s favorite bands and for good reason. The one-two punch of Glirschool’s first two records, ‘Demolition’ and ‘Hit and Run’ are still felt today among their growing catalog with more recent albums like 2015’s ‘Guilty As Sin.’

Elize Ryd (Amaranthe)

Elize RydAmaranthe are one of the most unique acts out there, employing a staggering three stand-alone singers! Elize Ryd represents one-third of the band’s vocal talents, playing off the clean sung and harsh growls of her two male counterparts. Her voice is a perfect contrast, adding a bit of light to the music with her soaring pipes. Rock and metal always seem to engage the duality of good and evil and Amaranthe play into this realm perfectly with Ryd.

Joan Jett

Joan JettJoan Jett is one of the original Supreme Rock Goddesses. After forming the electrifying outfit the Runaways, she ventured out on her own under Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Known as the ‘Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and the ‘Godmother of Punk,’ she paved the way for women in rock and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.

Dr. Mikannibal (Sigh)

Dr. MikannibalBlack metal has seen its fair share of stage names over the years, but here, the title of Doctor is no joke. Dr. Mikannibal has her Ph.d. in physics, yet still finds time to play in the ever-progressing black metal band Sigh. Her voice and wild saxaphone playing have brought a new dynamic to the Japanese band in the studio and on stage. Sometimes criticized for her skimpy stage wear, Dr. Mikannibal has stated in interviews that she is comfortable being a sex symbol and is happy with her body and appearance. She wears these outfits because she simply likes them, not to generate attention from the male population. Oh, and she eats bugs. A lot of them.

Liz Buckingham

Liz BuckinghamLiz Buckingham first got her start playing guitar in the sludge outfit 13 before moving onto Sourvein. She recorded two albums, ‘Sourvein’ and ‘Will to Mangle’ with the band before moving on to join doom legends Electric Wizard. Buckingham is married to Electric Wizard mainman Jus Osborn and has been with the band since 2003. Her bottom-heavy riffing can be found on four of the band’s records to date.


KittieKittie, the all-female metal outfit, have been around for over two decades. Founded by sisters Morgan and Mercedes Lander, the two sole original members have kept the band active through a number of lineup changes. The group has been stable since 2012 with Tara McLeod and Trish Doan rounding out the other half. Kittie have recorded six studio albums and helped give rise to women in extreme metal outfits.

Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper)

Nita StraussGuitarist Nita Strauss is a descendent of Austrian composer Johann Strauss II and her musical blood is just as brilliant. She replaced Orianthi in Alice Cooper’s touring band and is also a member of the all-female tribute act the Iron Maidens. Strauss has also performed with Femme Fatale and is the in-house guitarist for the arena football team the Los Angeles Kiss, owned by KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.


VixenThe all-female act Vixen has seen a wealth of talented ladies round out the lineup over the years. Led by the now deceased Jan Kuehnemund, the group released four studio albums, though are most known for their debut, ‘Vixen.’ The album featured the standout cut “Edge of a Broken Heart,” a cut still played live to this day.

Julie Christmas

Julie ChristmasFor those seeking bizarre, brilliantly-crafted experimental metal, the enigmatic Julie Christmas may become your new addiction. From Brooklyn, N.Y., Julie Christmas fronted the sludgy noise rock group Made Out of Babies for three full-length albums. Christmas also provided vocals for post-metal supergroup Battle of Mice before embarking on a solo career. Although no longer surrounded by her accomplished former bandmates, Christmas created some of her career’s greatest works on her debut solo record, ‘The Bad Wife.’ Simply listen to “Bow” and the habit-forming qualities of Julie Christmas become all too apparent.

Floor Jansen (Nightwish)

Floor JansenFloor Jansen is a well-accomplished singer having recorded nearly a dozen studio albums across several acts. Noted for replacing Anette Olzon of Nightwish, her work with ReVamp, Star One and After Forever should not be overlooked. Her voice took Nightwish in another new direction, moving away from the more commercially bent Olzon and back into more familiar waters the group made their name on.

Skin (Skunk Anansie)

SkinYou may not recognize the name Deborah Anne Dyer, but you may know her as Skin. The singer has fronted British band Skunk Anansie since 1994, lending her soulful yet somewhat aggressive vocal style for five studio albums. Although active with Skunk Anansie heavily during the mid-to-late 90s, the band split in 2001, only to reform once again in 2009 to create the albums ‘Wonderlustre’ and ‘Black Traffic.’ Skin has also embarked on a successful solo career, garnering positive reviews for her duel solo releases, ‘Fleshwounds’ and ‘Fake Chemical State.’ The female singer has become a British rock icon for her fantastic vocal style and her trademark short hair and/or shaved head. Skin has also helped break down racial barriers along with gender barriers in rock.

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