Supreme Rock Goddesses-IV

Supreme Rock Goddesses-IV

Supreme Rock Goddesses 4Rock and Metal used to be a boys’ club, but as music continues to evolve, the role of female musicians has greatly increased within the genres. In the present day, women either front or perform in some of mainstream music and underground music’s most celebrated Hard Rock and Metal bands, so we decided to pay tribute to the very best active female musicians around today. Take a look at the Supreme Rock Goddesses 4 in the gallery below!

Many women in Rock and Metal garner massive amounts of attention due to their physical appearance, but what about true talent? From singing to screaming to instrumental prowess, this is our comprehensive list of the women making the most (and best) noise in the world’s loudest genres.


OrianthiMany recognize Orianthi’s shredding from ‘This Is It,’ the film documenting Michael Jackson’s ill-fated 2009 tour. The pop singer could have chosen just about anyone he wanted to play the six-string, but decided on 24-year-old prodigy Orianthi. Not one to rest on her laurels, she has released three solo albums and was a touring member of Alice Cooper’s band. Still not impressed? Orianthi has shared the stage with Prince in addition to having her own stage time opening for the legendary guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. Between all of this, she finds the time to write music for TV and video games. A resume is supposed to be kept to one page, but Orianthi looks like she’s going to have to break that cardinal rule.

Laura Plesants (Kylesa)

Laura PlesantsHailing from the sludge metal mecca of Savannah, Georgia, Kylesa vocalist / guitarist Laura Pleasants is both demonic and angelic while melting venues with sound. While boasting impressive guitar skills and jamming out massive riffs, Pleasants boasts a somewhat deadpan, yet entrancing vocal style. The Georgian heat is personified through Pleasants’ voice as she creates a sonic realm where loyal listeners wander in the desert, encountering bizarre mirages along the way. The Kylesa goddess comes off stronger than ever in Kylesa’s 2013 album, ‘Ultraviolet,’ taking hold of brilliant tracks such as “Unspoken,” “Vulture’s Landing” and “Grounded” and kept the momentum rolling on 2015’s ‘Exhausting Fire.’

Jill Janus (Huntress)

Jill JanusShe practices witchcraft, but don’t burn her. Huntress vocalist Jill Janus is too good to lose. Janus is actually a trained opera singer, but despite her talents and four-octave coloratura soprano range, the deadly siren actively suppresses that style in Huntress, instead aiming for a heavier sound to accentuate the heavier nuances present in Huntress’ music. Janus does embrace her sexuality and her aesthetic beauty, both while scantily-clad and covered from head-to-toe, but she’s no poseur. The vocalist’s gritty style and powerful delivery are arguably the most impressive aspect of Huntress’ music.

Alexis Brown (Straight Line Stitch)

Alexis BrownMetalcore groups especially rely on strong vocal performances to keep their songs flowing at a steady pace, and when it’s power you want, look to Straight Line Stitch’s Alexis Brown. Breaking down both gender and racial barriers, Brown has fronted the Tennessee-based Straight Line Stitch since 2003. Brown’s metalcore gutturals are impressive regardless of gender in tracks such as “Conversion” and “Remission” while harnessing spoken-word whispers and clean singing techniques within the song “One Reason.” With these tactics, the versatile performer has highlighted Straight Line Stitch as a band that must be noticed.

Mlny Parsonz (Royal Thunder)

Mlny ParsonzRoyal Thunder have proven to be one of the top-tier new age rock outfits, playing psychedelic tinged blues rock with a bit of a lonely western feel. Mlny Parsonz lends her vocal talents to elevate Royal Thunder’s music to a new level. She is able to convey the mood of being so hopelessly lost and alone, to in your face and impassioned. Not only does Ms. Parsonz craft this mood with her voice, but with her rumbling bass tone that slugs its way through these wandering songs. This entire atmosphere culminates in the live setting where the guitarists, in a trance, use their instruments like an additional limb while Mlny’s face is obscured by her raven-dark hair as she cries forth her sorrowful words.

Anna Murphy (Eluveitie)

Anna MurphyEluveitie’s hurdy-gurdy player Anna Murphy has been holding it down over a decade in the Swiss folk extreme metal outfit. Appearing on each album following the debut, her playing has helped shape the band’s remarkably unique sound as they employ traditional folk instruments to round out their sound. The instrument is played by turning the crank with one hand, in turn delivering sounds from the strings as the other hand plays the keyboard aspect.

Korey Cooper and Jen Ledger (Skillet)

Korey Cooper and Jen LedgerSkillet can count not one, but two talented woman amongst their ranks. Korey Cooper plays rhythm guitar, keyboards, and provides backing vocals while Jen Ledger provides the backbone of the band behind the kit as well as additional backing vocals. Despite neither of these women being founding members, one would be hard-pressed to argue that the Skillet are not better since their inductions into the band. Korey has been a member since 1999, and her backing vocals have created a warm contrast between the gruff voice of John Cooper. When Jen hopped behind the kit, the backing vocals were given more depth with the addition of her voice to compliment her female bandmate.

Crucified Barbara

Crucified BarbaraCrucified Barbara are the modern hard rock answer to Girlschool. Mia Coldheart is one of the founding guitarists of the all-girl Swedish group and assumed vocal duties after the departure of their original vocalist. Her voice is akin to a cigarette-laced Pat Benetar and presents a lot of aggression and passion to the already high energy brand of rock the band prides themselves on. Crucified Barbara are filled out by guitarist / backing vocalist Klara Force, bassist Ida Evileye and drummer Nicki Wicked. Don’t let their looks fool you, the musicians who make up Crucified Barbara are all skilled instrumentalists, meshing together to form a rock-solid band.

Kat Katz

Kat KatzShrieking siren Kat Katz is one of the most powerful women in the world behind a mic. Inspired by Thorr’s Hammer frontwoman Runhild Gammelsæter, Katz developed her piercing screams and low gutturals while in high school. Her style has brought tremendous character to grind veterans Agoraphobic Nosebleed, doom titans Salome and even Pig Destroyer with guest appearances on the band’s 2004 full-length, ‘Terrifyer,’ and the 2012 album ‘Book Burner.’ Kat may look harmless, but don’t let her stature or girl-next-door charm fool you. The vocalist will absolutely rip your head off with violent aggression if there is a mic within arm’s length.

Jo Bench (Bolt Thrower)

Jo BenchBolt Thrower are arguably the heaviest band in the world, in no small part to bassist and near-founding member Jo Bench. Perhaps the first woman to come on to the extreme metal scene, she has been laying down the thunder with the English death metal titans for more than 25 years. While many women in heavy metal bands are constantly in the spotlight, Bench has remained pretty quiet over the last quarter century and is content with getting on stage, playing no-frills death metal, and windmill headbanging with the rest of the guys. Bolt Thrower have an incredible sense of groove and could never be the same without Jo’s pummeling bass tone and the feel to her playing style.

Courtney Love (Hole)

Courtney LoveCourtney Love gets more press for being the widow of Kurt Cobain and for her offstage antics, but some tend to forget the great albums she put out with Hole in the 1990s. After the band debuted with ‘Pretty on the Inside’ in 1991, they really hit their stride on the stellar ‘Live Through This’ in 1994. While she’s one of rock’s most polarizing figures, there’s no denying that Love is a dynamic presence onstage.

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